Great Companies have Great Benefits.

We believe that the world’s best companies care deeply about the well-being of their team. Lewis makes wellness and meaningful experiences a priority.

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Happy, Healthy Company

With Lewis, you are bringing creativity, productivity, fitness and happiness to the forefront of your company. Lewis brings teams closer and morales higher.


Turnover is expensive. Employee replacement costs can reach as high as 50 to 60 percent of an employees annual salary. What better way to show your employees you care than by giving them a Lewis adventure?

Team Building

Work “out of the box” for the day, brainstorm on trails, reframe problems in a natural environment. Let Lewis handle the logistics of an adventure, while your team enjoys a day away out of the office in a setting that allows their mind and bodies to roam.


City life is stressful. Lewis is the refreshing outlet your employees love when they need to decompress.

Unique Benefit

Lewis helps you stay competitive by providing a unique benefit that tells your team that their wellness matters.

Happy, Healthy Company

With Lewis, you are bringing creativity, productivity, fitness and happiness to the forefront of your company. Lewis brings teams closer and morales higher.

Get Outdoors

Happy, Healthy Employees

Recharge & Renewed Focus

After a day in nature, your employees come home feeling great and ready to take on all that comes their way.

Sense of Accomplishment

When one sets out to climb a mountain, can one stop? Not likely on Lewis trips. Your employees will discover new physical challenges and capabilities on trails and waterways.

A feel-good workout

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents of the great outdoors, while vigorously walking through the woods, scrambling up trails or paddling through marshes.

See New York in a new way

Enjoy trails that were used but Dutch Settlers and Revolutionary War Soldiers. From granite cliffs of the majestic Shawanagunk Ridges to paddling on waterways where Bald Eagles nest, let Lewis show you the hidden side of New York.

Happy, Healthy Employees

A day in nature leaves one's outlook and focus boosted for weeks to come.

Get Outdoors

Happy, Healthy Planet.

When you buy one adventure credit, Lewis funds one hour worth of clean-up time of an environmentally-sensitive area and plants one tree. With your help, we have some ambitious goals for this year:

  • 5,000 New Trees Planted
  • 5,000 Hours of Clean up

Get Outdoors

One Trip =
One New Tree

Help us keep the world green. We plant trees in places that need it.

One Trip =
One Hour of Clean Up

The New York area is home to natural beauty. We believe this beauty can be uncovered and preserved through environmental clean up.

The Lewis Story

Lewis was founded by people like you. People who love the outdoors and recognize that a balanced life includes plenty of time out of the city, away from our desks, surrounded by nature. Busy people with jobs, limited time, and all kinds of responsibilities.

We spent time in spin classes and on steppers. We rowed on gym equipment without ever making wake. We pushed ourselves on nordic tracks, rock climbing walls, and in all types of classes designed to bring the feeling the outdoors closer to home and make it convenient. But there was one major problem: we weren’t actually outside. We couldn’t breathe the air, or hear the birds, or feel the weather begin to shift.

For all the steps we took, we didn’t see the view from the summit. For all our strokes, our boat never made it to the other side of the shore. We weren’t getting more focused.

So, with Lewis, we set out to change how New Yorkers get outdoors. We wanted to make it easy, by taking care of all the logistics, all the food, and curating the best day trips within two hours of the city. We wanted to make sure all of our adventures rivaled any gym workout. We wanted the companies we partnered with to be better for it. And, we wanted to help protect the forests, wetlands, and mountains that give us so much.

We had to build a new type of adventure company. One that found the balance between getting away from it all, while still getting you home by dinner. One that made it easy to give back, while still taking from all the nature has to offer. We asked ourselves how can we keep the total body (and mind) wellness of outdoors adventures, and get rid of all the hassle. With that in mind, Lewis was born. Let’s get out there.