Choose the Package that Fits Your Team.

Everyone loves getting outdoors, including your team. Lewis works with our clients to find the perfect package. Here are our most popular offerings:

The Scout

2Adventure Credits

Starting at $400 / year per employee

The perfect perk that your employees won’t stop thanking you for. Enjoy all the big benefits of Lewis, at a small cost per employee. Purchase enough Adventure Credits so that each employee can join us for two fun, relaxing outdoor adventures a year.

The Guide

4Adventure Credits

Starting at $700 / year per employee

Feeling outdoorsy? Give your company a huge productivity and wellness boost. Your employees are looking fit and feeling happy while joining us on trips year round. Want to build an amazing office culture? Get your team outside more often.

The Trailblazer

One-Day Outdoor Team Offsites

Pricing based on team goals

Bring the whole office outdoors and experience Lewis as a team. We'll work with you to create the perfect company offsite, so your team can reach their goals and come home excited and refreshed. Incorporate a workshop or thought leader to introduce a learning opportunity into your day outdoors.

Want your team to get outdoors, but don’t see what you need?

Get In Touch

Re-imagining Corporate Benefits

Lewis helps you care for your team in a new way, promoting true balance and well-being.

Beautiful Destinations
Curated selection of the best outdoor destinations in the region.
Convenient Timing
Leave in the morning, get back to the city in time for dinner.
Trust us, we handle absolutely everything.
Top Quality Gear
We always provide high-end, cared-for equipment.
Professional Guides
Our guides know their neck of the woods better than anybody.
Positive Impact
You hike. We plant a tree and donate time to clean up trash.
Mental Wellness
Studies prove a day outdoors makes you happier.
Renewed Focus
Studies also prove that a day outdoors improves productivity.
Sense of Accomplishment
Feel great after paddling the river or reaching the summit.

Employees Love Lewis.

Give your employee’s the break they need with Lewis. We offer the perfect gift of relaxation, exercise and adventure, so employee’s can return to work refreshed and excited.

Employers Love Lewis.

Stand out with Lewis. Give your company a unique benefit that appeals to prospective employees and re-engages your current ones. Lewis keeps your workforce happy, healthy and excited while also creating a green footprint for your company.